The Cartel’s League of Extraordinary Deception!

The Cartel’s League of Extraordinary Deception!

3rd Mar 2019 Off By Belson Keating

Just when you thought it was safe to dismiss Old Uncle Belson as a deranged conspiracy theorist, World Rugbytainment™ Cartel itself reveals an evil plot to DESTROY the sacred game of rugby by turning it into a globalist made-for-TV sports entertainment soap opera the likes of which we haven’t seen since the God Emperor shaved Vince McMcahon’s hair on international television at Wrestlemania 23!

That’s right boys, the Cartel and its evil corporatist henchmen at Adicash have drawn up a plan so evil and wicked that I can only conclude that Hilary Clinton was behind it! Just as everyone was distracted with trying to figure out how the 2019 RIGGED World Cup would be RIGGED, the Cartel announced its plan to form a World League of extraordinary rugby deception in which 12 “nations” would battle it out for FAKE Rugbytainment™ supremacy! The so-called nations who would participate in this farcical fiasco include: SOUTH AFRICA (Of course!); New Zealand (#RIGGED), Australia (*yawn*), Argentina (who?), England (#Poms), Ireland (#KilledbyAltitude), Wales (#HarpoonSeason), Scotland (#Skirts), Italy (#SpagettiSlurpers), France (#Frogs), Japan (Oh F#!$!) and the USA (#TeamTrump). Yes boys, you guessed it! That means all the Pacific Island nations – Fiji, Samoa and Tonga – would be excluded!

What an absolute JOKE! The literal factory of hulking not-so-green rugby monsters whose powerful physiques, stupendous flair and downright Yarpie Level bravery have given so much to the game of rugby, will now be EXCLUDED from playing in a proposed international tourney thanks to the CARTEL and its merry band of corporatist thieves!

But it’s not just me who thinks something is rotten in the state of Rugbytainment! When even the All Pacific start complaining you know that something is suspect with the state of affairs in question. Yes, that’s right boys…even Graham “WE WUZ MATCHFIXED” Henry and Kieren “Forward Pass” Reid have voiced their concerns about the Cartel’s diabolical plan to launch a so-called League of Rugbytainment™ Nations.

What’s more is that the Pacific Islands are now thinking of boycotting the Rugby World Cup in Japan in response to this absolute fiasco. I couldn’t agree more! Switch off your TVs, smash a few glasses of brandy and coke against the wall and scream out the window: “GO TO HELL YOU CROOKED CARTEL C#@&S!!!” And if that doesn’t make you feel better, just pour yourself another triple brandy and coke!

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