Study Shows 99.9% of Aussie & Kiwi Refereeing Decisions Are BIASED!

Study Shows 99.9% of Aussie & Kiwi Refereeing Decisions Are BIASED!

18th Feb 2020 0 By Belson Keating

A new study commissioned by has revealed that 99.9% of all Aussie and Kiwi rugby refereeing decisions are completely and utterly biased!

In the interests of bringing some much needed academic rigour, objectivity and detailed quantitative analysis to the world or rugby, we commissioned our long-time investigative associate, agent Al Titude, a man who once had a beer with someone claiming to be Mandela’s bodyguard, and asked him to pour over years of rugby footage to ascertain whether or not Aussie and Kiwi refs are indeed a bunch of crooks, just as we’ve been saying for like, literally years.

To add further depth to agent Al Titude’s analysis, we also scrolled through thousands of social media posts to assign a value to fan sentiment. This number was then fed into a complex algorithm designed exlusively by us for the purposes of this study. After weeks of tweaking our exclusive Rugbytainment Algorithmâ„¢ – which we have affectionately nicknamed B.R.Y.C.E. (Brilliant Rugbytainment Yarpie-approved Clairvoyant Equation) – we can now confidently announce that our statistics prove once and for all that Aussie and Kiwi refs are a bunch of crooked cheats! No less than 99.9% of their refereeing decisisions are blatantly biased, hometown calls designed to “teach the Yarpies a lesson” and appease their baying crowds of one-eyed rugby terrorists!

The only conclusion one can draw from this is in-depth study is that it’s time for SA to GET OUT OF SUPER #RIGGED RUGBY IMMEDIATELY! It’s time to join the Northern Hemisphere and rake in the euros and pounds! And while we’re at it we might even win some rugby tournaments as well!

We’d like to extend our sincere gratitude to agent Al Titude and his assistant Suzie for once again doing a sterling job at catching out the Kiwis and their fellow Aussie henchman red handed! As they say in the classics….case closed!

Agent Al Titude on the case!

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