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Internationally renowned Rugbytainment™ Critic, Editor Emeritus for Life, Maestro and Field Marshal of the interweb, Lord of All the Kiwis of the Earth and Fishes of the Seas, Eternal Enemy of World Rugbytainment™ Cartel and New Zealand in Particular, His Excellency Professor Belson Keating.

HAHAHAHAHAhahahahahahahaaaaa!!! Greetings bitches! After warning you for like, literally years that I was going to do something BIGLY to strike the fear of the God Emperor into the ice cold hearts of the Cartel, I have finally done it! In deference to the God Emperor (peace be upon Him) I have waited until one day after his birthday to launch the Belson News Network, aka Rugbytainment.com…the world’s BIGLIEST Rugbytainment site EVER! That’s right chaps, it’s time to DRAIN THE RUGBY SWAMP!!! No more having to read FAKE NEWS and drivel about how the All Pacific beat us fair and square when we could all LITERALLY see them cheating right in front of us on our TV screens! No more pretending the ref is a neutral arbiter of the laws when we can all literally see that he is nothing more than a Kiwi in Cartel clothing. Those days are over! From now on the whole world will learn that RUGBY IS RIGGED!!!! And anyone who disagrees can go to hell!!!! (aka Dunedin). As you can see, Rugbytainment.com pledges to adhere to the highest journalistic standards, which is all part of our long-term mission to fight FAKE TRUTH until eternity. But enough about my incredible new website. Grab yourself a bottle of Klipdrift, stock up on your biltong and join #TeamBelson. Together we can help MAKE RUGBY GREAT AGAIN!