Professor Belson’s Hot vs Not-So-Hot Weekend Round Up!

Professor Belson’s Hot vs Not-So-Hot Weekend Round Up!

2nd Jul 2018 Off By Belson Keating

Well chaps, it’s that time of the week again where we get to find out who gets awarded the highly coveted Belson Approved™ status and who gets relegated to the Not-So-Hot Rugbytainment™ dumpster.




TJ Perenara

As much as it pains me to admit it, the little Kiwi imp pulled off a spectacular intercept off the Brumbies scrum half’s hapless attempt to clear the ball from a lineout right on his own try line. Rumour has it this is the most exciting thing to happen in Canberra since yours truly once told an Aussie Sheila he might visit her in the terrible town.



The Shorks

The boys from Durban put in an epic effort to come from behind and snatch victory from the jaws of the lousy Lions. They went into the half time break down 21-11 to the visitors from Jo’burg but somehow managed to dig deep and clinch a 31-24 win over their Big Shitty rivals.


The Sunwolves

I have to congratulate the men from Japan – and the other 10 players in the team (who hail from NZ, SA, Fiji and even Georgia FFS!) – who became probably the first team in Super RIGGED Rugby history to score six tries, all involving a forward pass in their build-up. Even with a Kiwi ref like Ben O’Thief to help choreograph play, this is quite an achievement!’s Incredible New Logo

Have you ever seen such a thing of beauty? Sometimes I even surprise myself with the incredible things I produce. This should be digitally framed and displayed in all rugby loving households across the world.




The Bulls

LOL! They lost to the Sunwolves! Poor coach John Mitchell must be wondering why the hell he ever gave up a green card to the God Emperor’s own USA to go and live in Pretoria with this lot. What a joke!

Robbie Fleck

Seriously, how many more games do the Stormers have to lose before they realise that old Fleckie is hopelessly out of his depth? Now don’t get me wrong, I’m sure Fleck is a nice guy around the braai but contrary to popular South African belief, that’s not exactly a real skill. WTF were the Stormers thinking when they appointed him to replace Eddie Jones off all people, one of the most accomplished coaches in international rugby? The guy basically helped out with coaching at UCT for a couple of seasons, held some tackle bags at Western Province practice, slapped a few backs and hey presto he’s promoted to Super Rugby coach! After his first season in charge he was even openly telling the media that he wanted WP to send him on a holiday to Europe for “work experience”. WTF?! Where have you ever heard of a job where you get appointed without the requisite experience and then the boss sends you on a holiday to Europe to learn how to do the job you were appointed to do? Actually, let me rephrase that since in South Africa this actually wouldn’t be all that uncommon. In what normal country would this happen? Certainly not on Planet Keating!

Bad Bwad Thorn

“Booohoooo!!!” That was the sound Thorny was making in the press conference after the Auckland Blues obliterated his Reds on international television, thanks at least partly to the ref sending off two of his players for foul play. Now getting sent off for foul play is something Thorny just couldn’t get his head around. After all, this is the guy who picked up John Smit in a test match after the whistle had been blown and dumped him on his head, injuring him in the process and forcing him to leave the field…..all in full view of the referee….and he got away with it Scot free!! Of course, at the time Thorny had the magical protection of the All Black jersey which renders you immune to the laws of rugby. That’s probably why he also got away with all his other thuggish behaviour. Well welcome to the real world Thorny! A place where the rest of us have to play by a different set of rules to the ones the All Blacks get to ignore without consequence. Suck it up!

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