President Belson BUILDS A WALL!

President Belson BUILDS A WALL!

18th Feb 2019 Off By Belson Keating

My Fellow Belsonators, as the benevolent ruler of the Belsonian Empire I have invoked my executive powers to ensure the construction of an impenetrable, physical, tall, powerful, beautiful, Rugbytainment WALL! And New Zealand will pay for the wall!

Due to unprecedented and ongoing invasions of my Facebook page by Celtic vandals from Island and their Kiwi henchmen I was forced to declare a state of emergency to counter these blatant acts of rugby terrorism. With the help of the very best technology and the greatest manpower that rands can buy, I have built a magnificent, hulking green WALL to keep out the criminal cartel agents! And New Zealand will pay for the wall!

Since most of you hail for third world hellholes with substandard education systems, I have taken time out of my busy schedule to write a set of instructions on how to get started. If you’re Kiwi and are battling to read this, please phone an Aussie or Yarpie friend and ask them to help you.

Right, first you need to load up the magnificent, hulking green homepage of and click on the little blue `F’ button, which stands for FAKEbook or something along those lines. Once you have logged into the Empire of Belson, click on THE WALL. If you’re Kiwi and are still struggling without the help of a Cartel referee, then simply click on this incredible hulking green link:

That should transfer you to a GREAT, BIG, BEAUTIFUL WALL! If you’re a decent person like me you can post erudite comments in the spirit of meaningful, robust and intelligent debate. If you’re Irish you can indulge in all your darkest graffiti fantasies. And if you’re Kiwi, you can just drink beer and tap at the keyboard. But please Belsonators, let’s keep it moderately civil in the same way that I always do.

Oh, and one last thing before I go….NEW ZEALAND WILL PAY FOR THE WALL!

“New Zealand will pay for the wall!”

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