Brad Thorn’s Ironic Whingeing About the Ref!

Brad Thorn’s Ironic Whingeing About the Ref!

29th Jun 2018 Off By Belson Keating

Granny Schadenfreude Keating always used to say: “You should never laugh at the misfortune of others unless it’s funny.” Well in that case, BWHAHAHAAHAHAHAAA at Brad Thorn’s ironic whingeing about the current diabolical standard of refereeing!

Of course, Big Bad Bwad was having a good cry after the team he coaches, the Reds, went down 39-16 to the Blues at an empty and dilapidated Eden Park in Auckland today. The chief culprit it seems is that the ref yellow carded two Reds players just one minute apart after the TMO was forced to intervene to point out the dangerous and reckless play committed by the rabid Reds players. That helped the Blues go from just 8-6 up about half way through the first half to 21-6 as they entered the tunnel for half time. By then the damage was done and the Reds were never able to recover, prompting Thorn to have a proper cry at the press conference afterwards. Allow Professor Belson to translate Thorn’s whingeing diatribe.

BT: “I don’t know if that’s enjoyable for anyone.” (Translation: BOOOHOOOOO!)

BT: “Probably the No 1 thing, like for a lot of fans, coaches and players everywhere, it’s hurting the game. The game is getting hurt.” (Transation: It’s no fun when you don’t have the magical Cartel immunity that you get when you wear an All Black jersey.)

BT: “If that’s what rugby is where you slow things down …. a lifting tackle where he didn’t drive him into the ground. And Taniela came up, his hands from what I saw were in front of him, and he went in hard and low… if you want to penalise, but then yellow card as well? (Translation: Why are the refs penalising my players for things I got away with Scot free when I was an All Black?).

BT: “There’s a lot of things in rugby that are interesting. Even the knock-down rules, it’s often a yellow card. In league you just get on with it. Bad pass, pack a scrum, get on with it. (Translation: I’m going to take my toys and play with the rugby league boys!).

BT: “It’s an interesting place that the game is in. If that’s where we want to go … for me it’s hard. I was a physical player, I enjoyed hitting rucks hard, and played my league in the ’90s. As a 12-year-old I remember my coach pulling me aside at halftime, ‘when you pick a guy up drive him into the dirt’. I’m not saying we do that, but for me it’s an interesting place. Referees are trying their best.” (Translation: I’ve always gotten away with being a thug. What’s going on now? Do I have to make the Reds play in an All Black jersey to get the same treatment I enjoyed as a player?)

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Enjoy it Thorny. Where were you and your whining about the ref when you dumped John Smit on his head and got away with it Scot free? Even better, where were you when the ref handed NZ the 2011 RIGGED World Cup on a silver platter by reffing France right off the park? That’s right, NOWHERE TO BE SEEN!

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