Boks to Harpoon Wales!

Boks to Harpoon Wales!

23rd Nov 2018 Off By Belson Keating

Call me Belson (Mr Belson if you’re a Kiwi) but strange signs have begun to reveal themselves to me again this week! Just a few days ago, while I was er….harpooning Mrs Keating, I suddenly had a revelation!, came.. to the conclusion that the Boks are going to harpoon Wales as well! I was so stoked I grabbed the bottle of Klipdrift next to the bed and had a few swigs right out of the bottle. That’s when the scoreline began to reveal itself to me as well….23-15 to the Hulking Green Springboks of the Godzone, otherwise known as Yarpieland!

Now although I have to attend to some important business on the orders of the God Emperor, I better include my predictions for lesser nations as well, lest the Kiwi trolls and troglodytes emerge from their sheep pens to hurl their own special brand of FAKE NEWS at the one true Belsonator. So in the interests of peace and harmony, here are my predictions for the rest of the rugby weekend.

All Pacific vs Italy: the dancing boys by plenty! (Sorry Carpe)

‘Straya vs the Poms: the Poms to take it by at least 15! (Sorry Trinuts, but Bob Dwyer is right…Oz has no hope!)

Frogs vs Fiji: Vive: ‘allez les Bleus!’

Skirts vs Argues: The men in dresses to finally get lucky and score some Argentine beef!

Ireland vs USA: Hmm….sorry boys, can’t say until I’ve broken the news to the God Emperor!


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