Aussie Ref Nic Berry is a Cheat!

Aussie Ref Nic Berry is a Cheat!

29th Jul 2019 Off By Belson Keating

Australia has unleashed yet another cheating referee to target the Springboks with blatant bending – nay BREAKING – of the laws of rugby in order to rob South Africa of victory against our sworn enemies!

Proof has emerged that Autralian referee Nic Berry FORCED Handre Pollard to take the final kick against the All Blacks from a much more difficult position than he was supposed to in what appears to be an obvious attempt to affect the outcome of the game.

As we all know, Herschel Janjies scored in the final minute to put the Boks within two points of the All Blacks in Wellington on Saturday. Janjies scored well inside (i.e. to the left of) the 15m line, as you can clearly see in the pictures below:

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Yet look at where the disgraceful Australian ref forced Pollard to take the kick! Berry essentially moved Pollard to well outside (i.e. to the right of) the 15m line, meaning he had to take the kick from a much wider angle than he was supposed to. Had Pollard missed that kick, the Boks would have gone on to lose rather than draw against the World Champions. Of course, this sort of refereeing skullduggery is nothing new to Bok fans, particularly at the hands of cheating Australian and Kiwi refs. I mean just last year we were treated to another cheating Australian referee Angus Gardener, who blatantly denied the Springboks a penalty right infront of the posts after an illegal shoulder charge by Owen Farrel.

Of course, Berry also conveniently turned a blind eye when Beauden Barrett underhandedly kicked the ball closer to the poles before taking a penalty kick, as can be viewed here:


And why was Berry shouting insructions at Pollard as he was lining up the kick when there were just 26 seconds left on the clock? What on earth could he have been trying to communicate to Pollard? Was he trying to distract him?

I believe it is Hanlon’s razor which states that one should never ascribe to malice that which can be explained by incompetence. Well Hanlon has obviously never met a cheating Antipodean referee!

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