A Weekend of FAKE Rugby!

A Weekend of FAKE Rugby!

25th Nov 2018 Off By Belson Keating

Another weekend, another round of bullsh!t FAKE rugby in its purest form! Only the Cartel itself could have dreamed up a script that would have allowed Wales to beat the Springboks, Fiji to take down France and their preciousssss All Pacific to run riot over Italy – all on the same day!

Of course, the most egregious bit of FAKE rugby was Wales alleged “victory” over the magnificent hulking green Springboks. WHAT A COMPLETE JOKE! First of all, Thomas Williams should have been carded for diving onto Apiwe Dyantyi on the ground. But of course, noooooo….when an opposition player commits a dirty foul act against a Springbok the World Rugbytainment Cartel referee will look the other way! Then they refuse Jessie Kriel’s obvious try! Even worse was that the referee, touch judge and TMO conspired to do so. It was an absolute travesty and the Boks should boycott next year’s world cup to show their disapproval!

Since we’re talking about FAKE rugby, let’s take a look at the greatest exponents of the art form, none other than New Zealand, the Cartel’s very own preciousssss marketing gimmick. They supposedly put Italy to the sword by 66 points to 3. WHATEVER! Why is it that not a single journalist has asked whether Italy was poisoned? For all we know the Italians were laid low by a Kiwi waitress! Either way, the choreographed display was exposed by the numerous forward passes that NZ got away with all night!

In yet even more FAKE rugby news, the Skirts beat out the Argies 14-9 and Island just managed to scrape past the God Emperor’s MIGHTY USA by 57-14. As for Fiji “beating” France, well the less said about it the better.

The only bright spot on an otherwise horrible weekend was seeing Jaco Peyper exact Yarpie revenge on ‘Straya by allowing Owen Farrell to put in a trademark tackle against some bloke in Canary Yellow with a 4 on his back. It was made even more hilarious by the fact that the ‘Strayan was a huge towering beast of a man compared to Farrell, but was still put on his rear end compliments of a no arms shoulder charge. LOL!



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