Month: Jul 2019

Aussie Ref Nic Berry is a Cheat!

Australia has unleashed yet another cheating referee to target the Springboks with blatant bending – nay BREAKING – of the laws of rugby in order to rob South Africa of victory against our sworn enemies! Proof has emerged that Autralian referee Nic Berry FORCED Handre Pollard to take the final kick against the All Blacks…

By Belson Keating 29th Jul 2019 Off

Boks Mugged in Wellington!

The Springboks have survived an horrific mugging in Wellington that robbed them of certain victory over the All Pacific poster boys thanks to the deranged antics of an intoxicated Australian who used his whistle to commit a brazen heist in full view of the 36,000 spectators who crammed into the giant shack the Kiwis call…

By Belson Keating 27th Jul 2019 Off