Month: Sep 2018

Boks VANQUISH All Blacks 36-34!

The magnificent hulking green Springboks have VANQUISHED the Evil All Pacific empire and its Cartel ref Nigel Owens. Old Owens, aka the “Welsh Kiwi”, did his utmost to keep his precioussssssss All Pacific in the game. In a farcical display of rugby insanity he blatantly ignored the fact that BOTH the All Black’s opening tries…

By Belson Keating 15th Sep 2018 Off

A Calm, Measured Response to the Bok Loss

Well chaps, I have deliberately waited for more than 24 hours after the Boks’ horrific 23-18 loss to Australia over the weekend so that I could apply my incredible mind and respond in a calm, measured and reasonable manner. After a day of painstaking analysis, careful deliberation and rational pontification, I can come to only one…

By Belson Keating 9th Sep 2018 Off

All Pacific Drown Pumas!

Sometimes I really wonder why I bother following the FARCE that is the Cartel’s World Rugbytainment™ mafia shakedown show. As if any of us were in any doubt as to the outcome of this “match”, the Kiwis predictably emerged “victorious” – just like the Cartel planned! Predictably the Cartel’s preciousssssss marketing gimmick triumphed over Los…

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